September 2nd, 2010

Welcome To A New Kind Of Tension

This morning my shrink and I were talking about Imperial Bedrooms.

"What do you think motivates Clay," she asked.

"He's embracing the safety of alienation," I said.

"That could be a title of a psychoanalyst book: Safety of Alienation," she remarked.

"Probably so," I replied.

"How do you feel about Clay embracing alienation as a form of safety," she asked.

"I think it's attractive, but I don't think I could pull it off," I said.

"But, I bet you think it would be comforting if you could," she said.

"Pretty much," I replied.

Advice From People Who Actually Play Guitar

So with Rock Band 3 there is going to be a Pro mode that, in theory, would help one learn how to play the guitar.

Fender is making a special six string full fret Stratocaster for the thing.

The deal is it will be a real guitar that you could plug into an amp and do whatever you liked with it, but you can also plug it into Rock Band 3 and it will slowly teach you how to play the songs. In Easy mode for example, you'd just being doing simple notes, then at medium they'd incorporate chords, at Hard they'd bring the solos in.

My thought is I think I'd be a heck of a lot more motivated if I had my TV telling me I sucked when I fucked up and having it tell me I did great when I mastered a song, then if I was just practicing while staring at a wall.

But, am I being optimistic?

Is this an even vaguely realistic way to get used to the idea of playing on actual strings and figuring out real chords?

Also, there's no pricing information anywhere. Anyone willing to hazard a guess at whether or not an actual Fender Strat modified so it could interact with an XBox might be prohibitively expensive?