August 29th, 2010


In theory Rome Girl comes back to Montpellier tomorrow.

I say "in theory" because when it comes to travel to or from France nothing is certain. One time she ended up getting here two days after she was supposed to due to weird airline fuck ups. Another time she got here a mere 23 hours late due to strikes. The worst happened before we were dating when due to airline mismanagement/overbooking she got stuck at CDG airport in Paris for six days waiting for a flight out.

But anyway, I'm hoping for no strikes/overbooking/volcano related nonsense.

Gawker Punks The Bed Bug Registery

The Bed Bug Registry is a site you can go to if you want to find out if an apartment you are looking at might have bed bugs. They allow users to submit their own reports, so Gawker sent in this one:


To be fair, the site owner contacted Gawker and was fairly cool about the whole thing - so don't send them in a ton of similar joke reports.

They seem to be honestly trying to help people.


If you are used to playing Rock Band on Hard while sober, go out have a bunch of beers and shots and then come home and switch the setting to "Easy" you will totally and completely feel like a rock star.