August 24th, 2010

Jello Biafra

A guy I know in town said he wasn't going to see the show because he thought Jello is simply a "court jester."

Well, of course he is, but court jesters are needed. That's why John Lydon ended up so beloved in the UK eventually.

Anyway, the show rocked, even though the venue was the biggest rip off I've ever been in. When we turned up they made everyone who had never been there before wait in a long line and pay an additional fee to become "members" of the club on top of the ticket price we'd already paid. They also insisted that every patron give them their email address.

Don't they realize that most people, like me, are going to give them email addresses like "

Then, when you went to buy beers they made you pay a one euro deposit each on the cheap disposable plastic cups. Thank god I pregamed so I didn't need to waste a ton of money on booze there.

Anyway, the show was awesome. Jello still has the energy and the attitude. He was a fucking mad man on stage.

He also didn't simply keep his ire held to American politics. He yelled at the crowd that europe was responsible for electing leaders that caused the Greek financial crisis and told them that if Europe allows "austerity" measures that punish the poor for the "mistakes of the rich banking and political fucks" that they should start a new revolution.

Unfortunately, the concert got stopped early by the police. As there is at most shows there was a metal barrier between the band and the audience. Jello told the crowd to dismantle it and take over the stage.

The police were not amused and when he finished his main set would not let him come back on for the encores, so we never heard Holiday In Cambodia.

Still, that's sorta the shit you want to happen at a Jello show.

What Is Sally's Future


It's pretty clear Sally Draper is not going to grow up like her parents expect.

What do you think she'll end being that will finally get Betty to hang herself and get it over with?

Poll #1610152 Ride, Sally Ride

What In Sally Draper's Future Will Horrify Her Mom?

She'll Go Lesbian
Weird Early 70s Left Wing Terrorist
Drug Addict