August 18th, 2010

The Runaways

Finally saw The Runaways last night and, whoa, is it an interesting film.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning fucking own the roles of Joan Jett and Cherie - it's almost as though they had their souls transposed into their bodies. This was probably helped by having Joan and Cherie on set as advisers.

From what I can tell from interviews and books I've read about the band the movie is as accurate as Hollywood is going to ever get and it's not a pretty story. It's like Almost Famous without the glamorization.

The bottom line is that starting a band in 1975 sucked and it sucked even more if you were 15 and female. You were exploited along every step of the way by bloodsuckers and assholes. At one point their manager confides that his goal is to get them one hit record he can profit from and then "send them back to the trailer park where they can get pregnant and fat and old."

The problem for the girls is that he and the industry as a whole saw them as a novelty act - jailbait they could put on stage as an opening act to give wood to the audience before the men went on stage.

Joan Jett had a different idea.

What I don't get is why Lita Ford, who had a big part to play in their story, is given so little screen time and dialogue. Her big scene, for example, is when Joan teaches her how to masturbate.

All I can think is that Joan and Cherie are two of the film's producers and maybe they hate her guts.

The movie is amazing in that it is able to present an underage lesbian relationship in a way that is neither exploitative nor titillating.

Anyway, the story itself would be tremendously depressing if we didn't know that eventually Joan will write "I Love Rock And Roll" and it will become such a huge hit that it will give her enough money and leverage to get decent management and respect.

It is a far, far better movie and a more mature treatment of the subject matter than you'd expect - and Stewart was brave to take the role of a drugged out stone cold butch lesbian after Twilight, so good on her.

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On Jezebel today a discussion broke out when one dude mentioned that most women seem to expect men to pay for dates until you hit "relationship status" at which point it becomes more fluid.

The ladies then responded that that's not true and they always split the check on dates.

The few male readers of the site responded "Bullshit."

I've always paid because I like it and I've heard too many of my female friends talk to me after dates with a new dude saying some variation of "He was awesome but he didn't offer to pay and I don't want to date someone cheap" for me to ever not pay and risk being "That guy."

Of course, maybe I've just run into weird girls.

What's your experience. Girls can respond to the question as written. Dudes just assume the question is "In your experience are you expected to pay for the first few dates?"

Poll #1607125 Do You Expect Dudes To Pay On The First Bunch Of Dates?

Do You Expect Dudes To Pay ON The First Bunch Of Dates?

Most Of The Time
Depends On The Dude
I Wish. I Like To Date Musicians So This Is Not An Option