August 14th, 2010

Big Blue And A Tech Question

I'm finally going to find out if the dialogue in Avatar is as bad as people say it is.

It's the one part of the Avatar experience Rome Girl and I missed because we saw it dubbed into French.

The reason I'm going to find out is that my new computer has a Blu-Ray drive on it that I've been dying to test out and Virgin has a sale where if you buy the Avatar Blu-Ray disk they give you the DVD copy free with it as well.

This will allow me to be uber dork and put my computer next to my television, stick the DVD in my XBox and the Blu-Ray on my laptop and actually see if Blu-Ray makes any difference or is tech hype.

I am a bit confused as to why Virgin has this deal, because there can't be that many people like me who would be psyched to play with the differences.

In other computer related things, I have a question.

I love the new laptop except for one thing - the built in mouse sucks ass. If you accidentally touch the right side of it it causes your screen to randomly zoom in and out. If you happen to have a tiny bit of moisture on your fingers it either freezes the cursor or goes on a wild rampage, often making you go back five pages - which sucks if you were in the middle of writing something on a web forum.

So, I went looking for an external mouse yesterday - which I'd never done before. I'd sorta assumed they were all the same, but they are clearly not. They range in price from about six bucks up to about 100 bucks and have all sorts of technical specs on the boxes.

What, exactly, should I be looking for in an external mouse and what is a reasonable price to pay?