August 5th, 2010

Lohan Lovelace

Before she went to jail, LiLo did some promo shots for the Linda Lovelace film she'll be shooting when she gets out of rehab.

What do you think?






Deep Thoughts

I'm not sure what mystifies me more:

1. How many people are dead set against gay marriage, given that it will have no impact on their life at all.

2. Why gays and lesbians are fighting so hard to get into an institution that has a track record of making the majority of people who go into it miserable, broke, divorced, sexless or some combination of the four. It's like fighting for a table at a restaurant that has given half the people you know food poisoning.

3. Why Californians are so dead set against gay marriage. The state is fucking broke and gay marriages bring in money. People spend serious green on weddings. Bakers, hotels, reception halls, printing places, booze merchants, dress shops, divorce lawyers... fuck nearly every type of business I can think of benefits from weddings! Gay weddings will create jobs, save small businesses from bankruptcy and generate a ton of sales tax. This is a bad thing in a state plagued by unemployment where state workers are sometimes paid with IOUs?

The mind boggles.

Make Your Choice

This came up in a Gawker comment thread today so I'm going to throw it out to the masses and see what people really think.

Say you had to pick one of these two options or die a horrible painful death.

Poll #1601976 Make Your Choice

Which Would You Rather Do?

Eat an entire tin of Marmite.
Be the "target" in a 500 man dwarf fetish bukake video.

The News You Need

Recently single Al Gore finally able to listen to W.A.S.P. albums.

"For the first time in decades, I get to play the kind of music I like without someone nagging me about what a bad influence it is," said Gore, sitting on the floor of his living room as he cued up the song "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" on his stereo. "And I get to crank it up as loud as I want."

Gore, who was prohibited from hearing music with graphic sex, violence, or drug references since Tipper founded the Parents Music Resource Center in 1985, confirmed yesterday that her crusade was "total bullcrap." In addition, Gore said that listening to the forbidden W.A.S.P. albums over and over again had not turned him into a satanic dope fiend as his wife and her associates had warned.

"It sucked because we always had to listen to garbage like Carly Simon and Lyle Lovett all the time," said Gore, who told reporters that he was "loving" being single again. "That stuff is lame, man. If it doesn't have big balls and bigger riffs, get it out of my stereo!"