August 1st, 2010


At first I was going to title this post see what happens when Sarko kicks the Roma out of France because the police are convinced a band of "gypsies" is ripping people off in New York.

Then, I read the article and saw that one of the "gypsies" is described as a "pretty blond woman."

Let me tell you, I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of Roma in France and not one of them could ever be described as a pretty blond woman.

Also, the Roma tend to specialize in weird low rent small time crime, not the long term big money swindle described here.

Their gig is to try to sell you an edition of the homeless language newspaper while their five year old picks your pocket or to throw a plastic baby at you and then pick your pocket when you try to catch it. The real advanced ones pretend to be playing an accordion when actually there is a CD player in the thing making the music.

Much more common than any of those tactics is just to sit underneath an ATM with a dirty starving looking child and ask you for money while you are taking out your cash.

Spending weeks and weeks talking a guy into buying phony real estate in Florida is totally not their style.