July 31st, 2010

Lohan Strikes Back

So all that shit about LiLo being uninsurable on a movie set was a lot of crap.

During the two weeks between sentencing and going to jail she did scenes for a movie called Underground Comedy 2010. The NSFW Redband Trailer is below.

Looks like she plays an actress who murders Paparazzi.



Fuck You Science!

Scientists claim they have proven that triceratops didn't exist.


Thank you for destroying one of the only actual fun things I learned in grammar school!

Are you the same dipshits that decided that Pluto isn't a planet?

What's next? Are you going to decide that apples - the only healthy food I like - are somehow bad for me?

While you are at it why don't you send letters to every five year old kid in America and tell them that Santa and the Easter Bunny don't exist.

Maybe you could also invent a device that automatically lets a guy know when his girlfriend is faking an orgasm or fantasizing about another dude. Yeah, that would be fun too.

All I know is that if you ever discover that velociraptors didn't exist you should keep that info to yourself or I will burn your house down.

Tea Party Comics

It was bound to happen.

Behold - scans of a series of comic books being handed out and sold at various Tea Party rallies.

My fave - by far - is Rahm Emanuel as The Thor taking a teenage girl to get both a flu shot and an abortion.