July 29th, 2010

Jezebel's Choice

So today on Jezebel a girl goes to a Die Antwoord concert.

One of this band's biggest songs, Scoopie, features the lyric "No Means Yes."

Predictably this girl sees a Die Antwoord fan wearing a band T-shirt that says "No Means Yes."

She then freaks the fuck out, tells the girl she has the "worst shirt in the world" and writes a long essay on Jezebel about how this girl is contributing to rape culture.

But, is she really? I mean, do band T-shirts really have that much meaning? When I see a guy wearing a Metallica T-shirt that reads "Kill em All" I don't think he's encouraging murder.

What do you think? Just a dumb T-shirt or a dangerous and offensive T-shirt that shouldn't be sold or worn?

Poll #1598757 No Means Yes

Is Her Outrage Justified?

Other which I will explain.


French woman admits to killing eight of her newborns over the space of many years.

Her reason - she didn't want any more children but also didn't want to take the pill.

I don't know if I'm more mad at her or her husband!

Because, you know, he could have been like "Hey, my wife kills babies! Maybe I should wear a condom! Or divorce her! Or stick to anal sex! Or, really anything, other than keep on having unprotected vaginal sex with a woman who kills babies!"

But then there is her - if you don't want to take the pill, blow your husband and have him go down on you or make him wear condoms or get an IUD - you live in a country with a universal health care system!

Giving birth to and killing eight babies is not the rational fucking reaction to not feeling like dealing with hormonal birth control!