July 28th, 2010

Life In France

So, roughly three months ago my toilet started running. I took the top off the tank and realized that all the inside parts were really, really old and really, really fucked up.

I also realized that my ability to completely reinstall the entire toilet tank mechanism is roughly zero and that my lease said it's the landlord's problem.

Tried to call the landlord but never got a call back. A couple weeks later his sister came by to get the rent. I asked why he had not returned my calls and it turns out he'd dropped dead.


Anyway, I point out the problem to her and she insists it's my problem to get it fixed. I say no it's not and that if she doesn't get it fixed a lot of the tenants in the building are going to be pissed off. This is because we jointly split the water bill for the building at the start of the year.

She insists it won't cause that much extra water usage and that it's my problem.

Over the next couple months I go back and forth with her on this while also trying to find a black market plumber without any luck. (Licensed plumbers here charge 70 euros just to turn up before parts and labor become involved.)

Anyway, on Monday she put a notice under all our door saying that for some reason there has been excess water usage in the building so she's going to have individual water meters installed on each apartment.

I wonder where the extra water usage could have come from, bitch?

Of course, what I did was as soon as the plumber got here asked him how much he'd charge if I paid cash and didn't ask for a receipt to purchase and install a brand new toilet tank mechanism.

Turns out it's 93 euros, which I think is high, but it's less than the 200 euros it would have been if I had called a plumber in myself (since he's not charging me the 70 euro call out fee and is taking 20 percent off the normal price in exchange for me paying cash.)

Oh well, at least it will save us from having to pay hundreds and hundreds of extra euros for water next January.

P.S. The plumber says the old mechanism is roughly 40 years old! He said he' never seen that brand in his lifetime. If this woman wasn't like 90 I'd totally scream at her until she paid for it, but I just don't have it in me to be a dick to an old woman whose brother recently died.