July 27th, 2010

Greene With Envy

So of all the candidates for Governor or Congress this year Alvin Greene has by far gotten the most media coverage.

This, despite the fact that his only attempt at campaigning has been one speech to the NAACP.

His secret to getting so much coverage is that he's made himself ridiculously available to the media and even answers his own phone when they call his house. And, he'll talk to anyone and say what's on his mind.

Granted, what's on his mind is often odd, but so what. I bet if most candidates didn't have shit scripted out for them by campaign workers they'd say weird shit too.

Now, all the experts are saying that with anyone else all this free publicity would convert into a win but that it won't in his case.

I'm not sure they are right. For one, I think a lot of people simply vote for the name they are most familiar with.

For another, he's never said anything offensive. He's said some shit that is weird as hell, but Americans are often weird as hell. There is no sense of anger against him and no "negative" vibe about him.

Then, consider that Americans this year are really tired of the same old campaign and politics shit. That's at the heart of the Tea Party movement. There are a lot of people who will like the fact that he's just a guy who says what's on his mind.

Plus, because the GOP thinks he can't win they aren't launching much of a campaign against him.

Finally, Americans like underdogs. Always have, always will. And while he's a weirdo, he's a likable underdog weirdo. I'd have to say that if I lived in South Carolina I'd be tempted to be like "Fuck it" and vote for him.

Let's Fuck With The System!

We all know the LJ Writers Block Questions are stupid.

We also know that they are submitted by the LJ readership.

Let's see if one of us can come up with one so dumb they actually use it.

I'll create some sort of prize worth about 20 bucks and if you don't want a funny prize but just want 20 bucks I'll paypal it to you if you can get yours put up before I can get mine up.

All I ask you to do is post your Writers Block Question here before you send it to them so that we can prove it's part of the contest.

Here's my first attempt:

"Would you end your relationship if your boyfriend stopped going to yoga with you?"