July 26th, 2010

Nothing In The Streets Looks Any Different To Me

The Harmony Institute is trying to find a way to insert hidden liberal messages into mainstream films.

What an interesting idea.

This means that in next year's round of slasher films the maniac will only kill the straight teens who have unprotected sex but will spare the gay teens and the straight teens who use condoms. And just wait until it's revealed that Freddy Krueger is a FTM transexual who only kills because in life he was tortured by cis people.

The next Bond villain will try to get the world to buy super cheap SUVs so he can make a fortune selling them his gasoline.

And just wait for the romcoms where the girl has her meet cute at the local vegetarian restaurant/whole foods/Obama speech.

Meanwhile Jigsaw will be torturing members of the Tea Party and in Die Hard:Die Hardest, John McClain will be hunting down a group of crazed pro-life terrorists.