July 18th, 2010

This Should Be Interesting

Gawker has decided to take on the notorious /b/ group of 4Chan.

They go step by step and explain how /b/ is trying to ruin the reputation of a singer they don't like by spreading rumors all over the Internet and doing Google bombs to make him seem like a child rapist. Then, they are taking it to next step and making false criminal complaints against him in his home town accusing the singer of child rape.

(I won't print the singer's name because I'm not going to help them have "xxx is a child rapist" move up in Google rank.)

/b/ has now decided that the author of the post, Adrian Chen, and Gawker itself needs to be "taught a lesson."

Gawker is still up and running and Googling Chen doesn't bring up weird results yet, but I bet that will change as the larger group of /b/ people start waking up late Sunday morning.

Gotta give Gawker some props - I wouldn't fucking take on /b/.


My dad had a Kindle overnighted to him so he can read The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. The deal is he won't get fitted for the glasses that will help him be able to read regular typeface until the end of next week and he says audiobooks are "too slow." Apparently with the Kindle he can make the font ginormous and read it. And, he didn't want to have to wait to find out how Millennium ends.

"I'm shocked these books are a global phenomenon," he commented last night. "I didn't think the general public was that smart."

He's sorta right. I mean, this summer, an obscure dead Swedish author is outselling Stephen King.

That's just weird.