July 12th, 2010


One of the things about being crazy is that I often have repetitive dreams. What I mean by that is I'll have a dream on a very similar theme several times in one week, sometimes several times a night.

My general method of stopping this is to describe the dreams to my shrink. For some reason this makes them stop for a while (the most common dream is that I'm suffering from insomnia when I'm actually sleeping. In the morning it becomes fairly obvious I didn't have insomnia because the stuff I think I'm doing when I can' sleep is impossible, like watching Law & Order reruns on a flat screen television I don't own.)

Anyway, since my shrink is on vacation this week and I've had the same fucking dream for like five nights in a row now I'm going to experiment and see if blogging about the dream helps.

In this dream I've gone to visit my parents on vacation and strangely have a good trip. No fighting, my mom appolagizing for shit she put me through when I was younger and everyone just getting along and being a normal family.

Then, I fly back to Montpellier and walk in the door and my cat is dead and I realize that I forgot to leave her any food or ask anyone to stop in and feed her and she starved to death waiting for me to come home and then I break down sobbing until I wake up.

There have been some variations on this theme. In some cases I'm home and have been home for a few days when I realize that I didn't leave her any food and I'm frantically trying to call people in Montpellier to feed her and can't get anyone on the phone and realize that she's going to starve to death and just start sobbing into the phone.

But, I pretty much consider that the same dream.

Anyway, there it is. I fucking hate this dream, but it won't leave me the fuck alone.

Breaking News

The Swiss government said this morning it will not extradite cinematic auteur Roman Polanski to the US to face charges of raping an underage girl in 1977. Said the Swiss justice minister: "He's a free man."