July 8th, 2010

A Conversation With Violet

Violet 9:22 am
    jeez, but these Facebook recommendations are loopy. "Traveling"- many who like Reading like this. Bah. I travel, but I hate living out of a suitcase...
DEPW 9:23 am
    yes. yesterday I got "sleeping. Many people who like drinking like this."
Violet 9:24 am
    I like sleeping. but I see no reason why I should Like it on FB.
    where's the "a good hard fuck up the ass" page to like?
DEPW 9:24 am
DEPW 9:25 am
    well I don't think I'd like a hard fuck up the ass
    but I get your point
    but yeah. i'd rather see "Sluts. many people who like drinking like sluts."
Violet 9:26 am
    *having your pussy fingered whilst being fucked up the ass". Many people who like reading porn like this.
DEPW 9:27 am
    "knocking bitches up. many people who like pussy like this."
Violet 9:28 am
    Lying. Many people who like Cheating like this.
DEPW 9:28 am
    "Rape. Many people who like bitches like this."
Violet 9:29 am
    "Big Fat Tits. Many people who like Pregnancy like this"
DEPW 9:29 am
    "Black cock. Many women who like white husbands like this."
Violet 9:30 am
    "Massive cocks. Many women who like sex like this."
DEPW 9:30 am
    "Sperm. Many people who like Facials like this."
Violet 9:31 am
    Cumsluts. Many people who like Women like this.
DEPW 9:32 am
    "Arrogant Bastards. Many people who like Men like this."
Violet 9:32 am
    ha ha ha ha ha!
    Bullies. Many people who Like It Rough like this.
DEPW 9:34 am
    "Condoms. Many people who like Cheating like this."

Rock Band: Green Day

Going to buy Rock Band: Green Day today.

Normally with a new Rock Band or Guitar Hero game I play the thing through on Medium first and then go back and work through it on Hard or Expert.

This time I think I'm going to try to play it through on Hard first because I can't imagine many of these songs are going to be that difficult in the first place.

The only one I'm worried about is Jesus Of Suburbia since that changes rhythm like 12 times over the course of 14 minutes.

UPDATE: Very good game, but man Billy Joe Armstrong is a fan of fast chord changes, but not so much a fan of guitar solos at all. Luckily, he uses the same four chords (Green/Yellow, Blue/Orange, Yellow/Green and Red/Blue) for everything so it's just a matter of figuring out what order he's going to use them in on a given song and trying to keep up with the speed he changes them at.

UPDATE: I'd forgotten about some of their gems. I think I want to make "Why are you alone wasting your time when you could be with me wasting your time?" my life motto.