July 7th, 2010

No Justice. No Peace.

I'm pissed off about what happened to LiLo last night. You should be too.

Not because you feel bad or don't feel bad for Firecrotch, but because of the implications about how fucked up the justice system in America can be.

I've talked about the SCRAM shit before and it really didn't impact yesterday's ruling so I won't rehash it.

What I will do is summarize what happened. She got 90 days in prison plus 90 days inpatient rehab plus an additional six months probation for missing several alcohol education classes/AA meetings.

Now, at first glance that seems reasonable. The court told her to do it, she didn't so she violated probation. But, if you actually watched the testimony - and you can bet I did - the story is much more subtle than that.

She was ordered by the court to go to Right On - a recovery treatment group that administers the alcohol education program and AA meetings and to do as directed by them.

At the time Cheryl Marshall asked the court for a written report on what Lohan needed to do to complete her probation correctly. As did Lilo's attorneys.

The judge never sent the written report to either party - and it court yesterday blamed her clerk for forgetting to do so.

Without any guidelines from the court to follow Right On tracked Lohan into their normal program for people on probation - which is to not only insist that they take the classes and do AA but that they also look for work and attempt to be employed. They essentially told Lohan that if she didn't find a job she could be in violation.

A short time later, Lifetime wanted to hire her for a made for television movie. Lohan then asked Marshall, the person the court ordered her to obey, what she should do - because the casting schedule should she take the part would require her to miss a few classes/meetings.

Marshall told Lohan that working is part of the recovery process and she should absolutely take the job and that she should simply double up on meetings/classes the week after each missed one.

Marshall testified that not only did Lohan do that, she often showed up for extra classes and meetings and actually exceeded their expectations. And she admits that if Lohan had not taken the job she would have reported her to the court for refusing to accept employment.

So, Lohan, who was 22 years old at the time, thought she was being told she had to take a job that would require her to miss a few meetings if she wanted to stay out of jail. She took the job and made up for the classes thinking that she was obeying the law.

Turns out, Marshall's advice was shit, because it's those meetings she missed that got her sent up yesterday.

All of this could have been avoided if the judge had sent the full court order to either her lawyers, Marshall or both.

Does that seem fair to you? A recovering addict gets sent to prison for doing what the director of her treatment program told her to do?

And if someone rich, famous and in the spotlight like Lohan can get that shafted, how badly is that probation system fucking over poor people or minorities?

You may think Lohan getting sentenced might do her some good and you might be right. But, the ruling itself is bad for the rights of everyone who lives under that justice system.



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