July 5th, 2010

Crossing The Line

So, last night a bunch of guys from 4Chan were talking to a girl on webcam and tried to talk her into taking off her shirt and showing them her boobs. She refused. She'd made the mistake of telling them earlier in the conversation that she was flying out of JFK that night.

In response the 4chan people waited until they knew her flight was going to board and managed to get JFK airport evacuated with a bomb threat.

Then they spent hours bragging about doing it. (I can't link to this, because they got smart and pulled the discussion thread.)

Now, I'm all for free expression and most of the shit 4Chan does is amusing, but I sorta think in the age of terrorism bomb threats involving airports - particularly in New York City is crossing the line.

But, more interestingly, I wonder why and how 4Chan still exists. Here we have a well known site that is populated by people dedicated to breaking the law and bragging about it.

Can't law enforcement somewhere do something about that?