June 28th, 2010



My brother just took my dad to the hospital. Bad headaches, blurred vision, was saying things that made it seem like he was "not himself" and forgetting things that were said to him a minute or two before. He didn't want to go but Shane made him. Shane found out at the hospital that he decided to stop taking his blood pressure pills a month ago and didn't tell anyone.

Also, after my dad's surgery three months ago the doctors told him that if he got headaches it could be a bad warning sign and to get checked out immediately. Of course, Shane just found out that the headaches started yesterday morning and dad didn't tell anyone because he didn't want to bother anyone.


Update: Text message from Shane: "Minor stroke according to cat scan. Waiting on bloodwork"

New text message: "Two strokes."

New Update: Dad convinced the doctors don't know what they are talking about and said he was healthy and is going to leave the hospital. Shane said "Dad, I'm 250 pounds and an amateur boxer, you are going back to the doctor right now. Plus, remember Bart is insane and he says he'll fly home and burn your house down if you leave the hospital."

He went back to the doctor and they are doing a "deeper cat scan."

New Text Message: "He's gonna be fine they say. Needs to be in hospital for about a week."

Dad Update

Talked to my mom and my dad. He's still convinced nothing is wrong and it's some conspiracy against him. Doctor said to him "You've made some really bad choices." I said to him "Dad, I don't like to take my pills either but I do so start taking them asshole." As long as a third stroke doesn't happen he should be fine but might have some permanent vision damage.

Bottom line: he has to take his blood pressure and cholesterol medicine or he's fucked, but he swears he doesn't need it. And the problem is he lies and says he's taken the pills when he hasn't. Shane says he's going to force him to take them. "Dad you can either go to the hospital for not taking your pills or because I kicked your ass, your choice."

The doctors would like him to stop drinking heavily and eating fatty foods, but nobody thinks that will actually happen, so they really want him to at least take his fucking meds.

They are going to keep him in for a week because they need to stabilize his blood pressure which is "off the charts." Apparently it's so high they have to bring it down very slowly or there could problems.

Doctors say that when he actually realizes that he really is sick it will go a long way toward him getting better.