June 24th, 2010

The Informer

My Dad and Rome Girl spent the day in New York together and then went to the Bret Easton Ellis thing.

His description:

Hi, Bart,

Lots of fun with Christine driving amok in Brooklyn and having drinks and burgers in the Ale House across from the bookstore. We had "orchestra seats" and Christine was one of the first in line for the signing and had a good chat with Bret. The Reading was short but the Q & A was great. Ellis was able to mock out the really stupid questions like "What do you do when you have writer's block?" with some some soft irony which didn't penetrate to anyone stupid enough to ask a question that pedestrian. He was good with the questioners who seemed to want him to write about redeeming characters basically saying in view unsympathetic characters were sympathetic, like Gatsby and Humbert Humbert.

I got you American Psycho signed and Chris got the new novel. The place was packed.




Christine says he was very gracious and kind and nice to everyone and so butch you'd have no idea he was gay if he wasn't out. "He's Brooklyn straight" was her description. But she did say he had three obvious twink boy toy "acolytes" that he brought with him. He said that the character most like him is Patrick Bateman and his favorite character is Victor Ward.

He was asked if he would ever put his characters in a place where they had the potential to be happy and he said no. He also said that he thinks "numbness" is a valid emotion that isn't explored enough in literature and that's the root of his themes. He also said numbness is hard to write about.

She also said that she can't figure out why he comes off like such a dick in interviews, because he was just so generally nice and friendly to everyone, even those who asked dumb question. Since I've heard him say that he likes fucking with journalists, this doesn't surprise me that much.

Update #2: Rome Girl would like to clarify something (and this is something that happened because our cell phone reception sucked today and I misheard her.)

"BEE actually said that numbness is valid and complicated, as an emotion. I did not get the feeling that he felt it was complicated to write about; it was that because it was complicated as an emotion, he liked writing about it."

Werewolves Of Montpellier

They made a comic book about our lives.

Werewolves Of Montpellier.

"Lycanthropy, recreational burglary, and romance in idyllic southern France! After an omnibus collection of earlier books (Almost Silent) and a new collection of short stories (Low Moon), Jason returns with another full-length, full-color graphic novella—his first since the 2008 Eisner Award-winning The Last Musketeer.

Sven, a semi-aimless Scandinavian artist who has ended up in Montpellier, France on a futile romantic pursuit, enjoys nocturnal raids into other people’s homes, disguised as a werewolf. The way he figures it, the disguise will give him an extra few moments’ advantage vis-à-vis any startled home owner if things get ugly...but he hasn’t taken into account the existence of a society of real Montpellier-based werewolves who do not take kindly to this new pretender. So while Sven spends his days playing chess and poker with his friends, sketching his way through his picturesque chosen hometown, and coping with romantic dilemmas—both his and those of his best friend, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s-obsessed Audrey, who has girl troubles of her own—little does he realize that a genuine threat to his life, and for that matter his humanity, is closing in on him."