June 20th, 2010

Deep Thoughts

I have not bought Rock Band: Green Day yet - mostly because I am waiting to get paid on a few things.

But, I love that it exists - and here's why:

It has a vocal part which means that there are going to be 14 year olds all across America who get this game who are going to try to get five stars while singing "maybe I'm a faggot American, I'm not part of a redneck agenda."

And can you imagine how their unsuspecting parents are going to react?


Arizona parents will be particularly happy when their children are singing "I want to be a minority!"

P.P.S. "I went to a whore, she said my life's a bore" will also be popular with parents.

Publishing Houses Just Don't Get It

When I went to buy a new book yesterday I walked over to the crime section and guess what?

The entire display was of books by Swedish authors with names like "The Ice Princess" or "The Dangerous Girl."


I get what's going on here. About a year ago when everyone started buying The Millennium Trilogy publishing houses told themselves "People like Nordic Noir! Let's get all the Nordic Noir we can find translated and published!"

Which, is dumb. People liked Millennium for several key reasons.

1. It was new and different.
2. Lizbeth Salanader is an amazing and unique character.
3. Who knew that Sweden could be the source of such intrigue?

All of that is stuff that can't be replicated. People don't want to buy books about characters that are are sorta like Lisbeth Salander - they want to buy books about her.

What the publishing houses should have learned from this isn't "they want Nordic Noir" - it's that people like stuff that is different.

Right now there is probably some crime book that is a best seller in Estonia that's got some really cool unique hook that people would love that isn't going to get published because publishing houses just don't get it.

We don't wants copies. We want new experiences.