June 12th, 2010


Needed to go grocery shopping yesterday but decided against it because it was pouring rain all day which makes it a pain in the ass to grocery shop when you don't have a car.

So, I figured I'd hit the local bodega on the way home from the bar and pick up something I could eat. Since they are usually open until 4 a.m. I was surprised to see they were closing up when I went by around 9:45.

Asked them about it and was told that in an attempt to crack down on late night drinking the cops now insist that bodegas on side streets close before 11 and the bodegas on main drags close before 10 p.m.

Which is ridiculous since you can drink in bars here until 5 a.m.!

So, let me get this straight, the city has no problem with someone drinking six beers in a bar and paying five euros each for them, but thinks it's a problem for someone to buy a six pack of beer at a bodega for five euros?

Since I almost never drink at home this wouldn't really effect me that much, but Rome Girl and I are night owls and often want a pint of ice cream or a bottle of Orangina at night and now that's going to be impossible.

Because, I guess it never occurred to the prefecture that people might go to late night grocery stores for things other than booze, you know?

If You Can't Beat Them Make Fun Of Them

So, in the highly anticipated first day of the World Cup, both games ended up in a tie.

What kind of cock knocking sport allows ties during what are essentially the playoffs for the world championships?

Is the problem that the players simply don't know how to score goals?

Or is it that the field - 120 fucking meters long - is simply too fucking big for anyone to score goals on a regular basis?

Seriously, the final score for France vs Uraguay - 0-0. If neither team is capable of scoring a single goal something is wrong with the rules, the players or the field.

If during the NBA, NFL or MLB playoffs there was a tie game people would freak the fuck out.

What's really weird is that during this completely scoreless game people would still stand up and cheer every so often. What the fuck is there to cheer about when nobody is scoring. Are the people like "Oh! We are only 45 meters from the goal now! Go team!"

Also, what is the point of that weird circle in the middle of the field that seems to have no impact on the game whatsoever?

As far as I can tell this whole sport is like hokey on valium without ice or sticks to make it interesting.