June 9th, 2010


So, LiLo is in trouble because her alcohol monitoring bracelet went off when she was backstage at the MTV Movie Awards.

This, despite the fact that the damn things can be set off by hairspray, nail polish remover and any of a hundred other female grooming products that contain trace amounts of alcohol - all things that you'd probably find back stage there.

They can also be set off if someone spills a drink on the ground near you. Or if there is a bunch of perfume and cologne in the air - which is pretty fucking highly probable at the MTV Movie Awards.

The fact that the prosecutor's office is taking this seriously is disgusting. Trust me, if she was boozing back stage someone would have come up with a cell phone shot of it and there would have been tips from a dozen stage workers/jealous actresses, etc...

My question is why is law enforcement using a device that is very prone to false positives.

Not just with her - but with anyone.

It's almost like they want people to fuck up their probation no matter how hard they try to be compliant.

Also, the more I read about this whole case the more I think it's obvious bullshit. The reason she got into this situation in the first place was that she was pulled over for speeding and they found a small bag of coke in her jeans.

The cops spilled the bag of cocaine on the floor of the police station before logging it into evidence - at which point they suddenly wanted to plea bargain for the probation sentence.

In hindsight her lawyers should have asked to have the charges dropped immediately - though, I suppose, they were trying to avoid the negative publicity of a court case.

Still, shitty law and shitty law enforcement all around.