June 6th, 2010

Montpellier Gay Pride 2010

Spent Saturday afternoon sitting in a cafe reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and watching the Montpellier Gay Pride parade go by.

It got 18,000 people this year, which is a record, although they sorta cheated by inviting all "oppressed people" to join in the parade. What this meant in practice is that the pro Palestinian people had a couple floats and a bunch of their supporters in the parade. They had Palestinian flags made up that were the same size and shape of the rainbow flags the gays had.

It was sorta interesting given that radical Muslims and the gays are not generally the best of friends, but they seemed to get on ok for the day.

Overall, the floats were somewhat disappointing. They were not as outlandish as last year. Several floats had twinks dressed like Sparkle Boy from Twilight and there were a ton of drag queens dressed up like variations of Lady Gaga.

I was a fan of the lesbian float that had the girls dressed up in old fashioned sailor suits, but in general they were much more creative in earlier years.

Still, it was free entertainment and the book is a good read, so all in all a good day.




This Dude Should Get A Walk

Call me a fascist, but if there is ever a dude I think should get a pardon it's this dude.

Here's the deal. A guy's 17 year old daughter comes up to him and tells him that a 23 year old dude she'd met on the Internet had sent her a picture of his dick.

So, the dad invites the young man over to his home, tazers him, strips him naked, ties him up and then calls the cops over to collect him.

The dad then gets charged with multiple felonies.

Fuck that shit. I remember when I was about 21 or so I was dating an 18 year old girl who was a senior in high school. Her parents knew we were dating but the dad made it clear that if he ever caught me fucking his daughter he would have beaten the shit out of me.

And, you know what, if I had been dumb enough to get caught I would have taken the beating.

I would have completely understood and respected his actions. You get caught doing something to a man's teenage daughter he has the right to kick the shit out of you.

That's why if you are fucking or trying to fuck a girl who still lives at home you do so fucking carefully and don't send things like dick pics that can get you caught. You fuck her in your car in a park far, far from the family home or get a hotel room.

If you do get caught as long as the dad doesn't permanently damage you he has every right in the world to put some hurt on your ass.


Because I forgot to stock up on food Saturday when normal grocery stores are open I ended up having to go to the local bodega tonight with the goal of getting hamburger meat, cheese and buns.

Normally in France hamburger meat is frozen and comes in packs of four frozen patties.

When I got there tonight, however, they told me they had changed their supplier and it now came in packs of 10. While I don't think I'll eat 10 hamburgers tonight, I figured what the fuck, it's only costing me an extra five bucks.

Then, I got home and actually looked at the package and saw that it says in giant letters in English: "Hand Slaughterered By A Muslim"


Now if this was in French or Arabic (the languages spoken by Muslims in France) I could kind of get it. But there is nothing saying the same thing in any language other than English on there.

And, as a marketing guy, let me tell you "slaughter" is not something you want to reference on your packaging.

I almost wonder if it's an intentional "fuck you" to the expats here - but don't want to believe that since I know that 90 percent of this bodega's customers are expats and they have always been nice to me.

Yet, I worry that this means they have been cursing me behind my back.