June 3rd, 2010

Writing This Because I Need To Remember It For My Shrink

Rome Girl says she can always tell when I'm going to want to listen to Guns N Roses.

I can't tell. To be honest I sometimes go three months without listening to them at all. Then I have nights where I can't stop playing "Knocking On Heaven' Door" over and over again.

It is compulsive so I believe Rome Girl when she says there's something that matters there.

Anyway, my uncle was just the most awesome uncle in the world and said "hey, don't worry about paying me for the new computer I'm going to bring you, we'll just call it your christmas and birthday present for the next couple of years."

Which, is fucking so nice and so awesome.

I told him I'd take him up on that but that I intend to buy him and his girlfriend the best dinner possible at the Chat Perche which I think is the best restaurant in town.

He agreed.

But, then, part of me felt like I should have said "no" I'll give you the cash for my new computer."

And then for the first time since March I needed to hear Axl explain why he doesn't need his guns anymore.

And I played it about 10 times.

Fun Quiz

Someone on Gawker today asked me if the left wing in France was really that much far to the left of the Democrats in America.

They asked this because they were told that even though they were considered liberal in America they would be considered conservative in France.

So, I made them this handy quiz.

See if you can play along!

Let me ask you a few questions:

1. Do you think it's reasonable for the unemployed to have a union?

2. Do you think it's possible and realistic for the members of the union of the unemployed to go on strike?

If you did not answer "yes" to both of these questions you are further right then most people here.

Now, let' go further.

If your boss asked you to work 40 hours a week offering you overtime for five of those hours would you:

1. Agree to it.

2. Hold him hostage in his office.

If you did not answer 2 you would be considered right wing.

Now, the clincher.

If you had just gotten out of school and the government wanted to start a program to give people like you two year paid internships you would:

1. Be happy.

2. Riot and set cars on fire.

Again, if you did not answer 2 you are right wing.


British Airways has an internal company newsletter.

For this month's edition they had a story on what their new boarding passes would look like.

Apparently their graphic designer was in an "interesting" mood because this is the image they ran with the article.


Montpellier Speak

I'm reading the new Kathy Reichs book 206 Bones, which is set in Montreal.

They introduce a new character and all the regular characters keep talking behind her back about how weird her French accent is.

Finally, in order to figure it out, one of asks here where she's from.

She replies: "Montpellier."


When I did my grocery shopping yesterday Shoppi was out of Coca Cola so I picked up a six pack of the store brand.

Like, whoa, it must have a lot more caffeine than coke. I got seriously jittery and had minor panic attack.

Took extra Xanax. Now coming down off the caffeine and feel stoned.