June 2nd, 2010

Rock On Al Gore

When you dumped Tipper I hope you were playing N.W.A on your stereo and listening to Anti Christ Superstar on your iPod while screaming "I'll put a warning label on your ass!"

Seriously, bitch didn't want me to be able to listen to stuff simply because she didn't like what her kids were listening to?

And if you think I'm overeating or joking then do some Google. This woman wanted to put Jello Biafra in jail on obscenity charges and called him in front on congress.

Why did she think Jello should go to jail: because he wrote a song called "Too drunk to fuck."

Yeah, that really destroyed the moral fiber of America.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Computer Update

Because my computer continues to crash randomly and has now started doing thing like telling me "display driver failure" and "toshiba flash driver failure" I've realized that after two and a half years of faithful service it's probably hitting the end of the path.

The downside to that is that buying laptops in France is insane. For one they are about twice as much as in the United States. For another, they don't have QWERTY keyboards and I really don't feel like learning how to touch type on a new keyboard. Plus, all the help shit and stuff I'd need to learn Window 7 would be in French.

And, of course, because of weird trade sanctions Amazon won't deliver to France.

Luckily my uncle is coming to visit in roughly three weeks and since my computer isn't dead yet - just twitchy - I can wait.

So, after searching around and figuring out my budget and stuff he's going to buy this and I'll give him cash when he gets here.

I think it's a decent upgrade. My current Toshiba only has one gig of RAM, the display is the same size but I'll now have a Blu-Ray and 320 gigs of hard drive space is better than 100 gigs of hard drive space.

People tell me that when I go from one gig of RAM to 4 gigs I'll notice a real difference in performance.

Plus, Windows 7 has got to be a better deal than Vista.


Just because I hate Tipper gore and it's timely - here's Jello Biafra's original statement from back in the day linking Tipper Gore to the seriously crazy religious right.

Also, this video of him and her on Oprah. She doesn't come off well.

I love it when she's trying to blame rock lyrics for everything and he responds "What example are YOU setting for your children when you lie on national television."

(no subject)

I love that Lady Gaga dressed up as Larry King for her interview on Larry King.

I hate that I can't find any Google images to document the event on this blog.

Edit: One of my readers to the rescue!



Belinda Carlisle's drug problems were even worse than previously rumored.

Everyone thought when she started to gain weight in the early 90s that it meant she'd gone off the drugs and was just a straight up drunk.

But, apparently, she kept using until a bender in 2005 terrified her.

'I had gone to London for business, but spent three straight days locked in my hotel room, doing cocaine,' she writes.

'I went on the biggest binge of my life, which is saying something considering I had used, boozed, and abused for 30 years.

'When I looked at my eyes in the mirror, I didn't see anyone looking back at me. The lights were out. I was gone.

'It scared me - yet I didn't stop until I had an extraordinarily frightening out-of-body experience where I saw myself overdosing and being found dead in the hotel room.

'I saw the whole thing happen, and I knew that if I kept doing coke, I was going to die."

Montpellier Weirdness

This is Pride Week in Montpellier.

It's also a week where the Arab population is really pissed off over what Israel did to those ships the other day.

So, if you are walking around town and hear a large group of people, you don't know if it's going to be a bunch of men in drag partying with leather daddies or a shitload of Algerians screaming "Death to the Jews."

It makes for an odd week.