May 31st, 2010

Too Good Not To Share

A friend of mine who is a freelance graphic designer got this email from one of his clients today:

"We want to keep the same design, just move everything on the page up so it fits into 1/3 of the space it currently does, change the photo, change the typeface, oh and use different colours, but otherwise all the same."

What the fuck do you say to someone who sends you that email?

Question For Fellow Gamblers And Those People Who Understand The World Cup

So, like every four years, the World Cup Sweepstakes started tonight.

The deal is you pay 10 euros and get to pick two teams our of a hat.

If you get the team that wins you get 100 euros.

If you get the team that comes in second you get 50 euros.

If you get the team that comes in third you get 10 euros.

I drew Spain and South Korea.

From what people were saying my Spain draw sounds good but my South Korea draw sounds bad.

But, I have no idea if they are just trying to make me not feel bad for drawing bad teams.

If you understand this game can you tell me if I'm in a good play?