May 30th, 2010

Depeche Mode

Normally on Memorial Day Weekend I end up writing a post about how I hate the way French girls are dressing for the Spring/Summer Season.

This year I kind of like it, even though I think it is going to give the girls problems because a lot of dudes will be horny assholes about it.

What I'm seeing are two different fashion statements:

1. Girls wearing blouses and then "shorts" that are lacy and cut like boyshort panties.

2. Girls wearing long T-shirts and no pants at all.

Both of these looks are not casual - because in both cases they wear striking stiletto heals.

The best way I can describe this is that the fashion is for girls to not wear pants.

I wonder if this will catch on.

I also worry that it will create bar fights.

Writer's Block: Bone appetit!

If your pet were arranging a dinner party, who do you think they would invite and what would they serve?

If your pet got it's pilot's license what kind of airplane would it buy?

If your pet was going to grad school where would it apply?

If your pet were dating, how many dates before he or she would put out?

If your pet could do any of these things would it still be your pet?

Crazy Perves

On a cuckold forum today there is a member who has named herself "TeaPartyWife4NiggerDick."

Who knew Sarah Palin had this much free time on her hands?

Smoking In Bars

Some Reasons To Repeal The Bar Smoking Ban.

1. If the bar is tiny, as is likely to happen in major cities, you can now smell it every time someone takes a shit. This did not used to be the case.

2. Before the smoking ban, you never saw children in bars. Now you do and it's fucking annoying and inappropriate.

3. No matter what, you are still going to end up with your clothes smelling like smoke, because you'll have to walk in through a cloud of smokers surrounding the door and sidewalk anway.

4. Going to a bar is a choice. Having to walk past a bar is often not a choice - so people who did not choose to go out to a bar now get a lot more smoke blown on and around them.

5. When talking to a new hot member of the opposite sex, it's good to have something to do with your hands so you look less nervous.

6. The general public really doesn't need to see fat hairy gay men in assless chaps standing outside a bear bar smoking.

7. The smoking ban puts women's safety at risk. If she has to leave her drink on the bar when she goes out to smoke that's when she'll get drugged. If she can take her drink outside with her that's when random strangers walking by will see a drunk girl and, if they are assholes, target her as a potential victim.

8. Did you really go to the bar for healthy living?

9. Making people go outside to smoke create a shitload of noise pollution for people who live in the neighborhood and detracts from the overall quality of life.

10. You could easily write a law that would require bars to get a new "smoking license" if they want their patrons to be able to smoke. This would bring in a lot of new and needed government revenue without raising taxes on individuals.