May 29th, 2010

Finally Watching Twilight

Nina Meyers is Bella's mom???

That in and of itself makes this movie OK by me.

Also, the movie is very well done. No, it's not True Blood, but it's not trying to be True Blood. It's trying to be Young Adult fiction and it's doing a very good job of that.

Plus, unlike most YA stuff - including Harry Potter - it acknowledges that teenage girls have a libido.

Yes, his "sparkle" scene is ridiculous, but it's not any more ridiculous than any number of moments in the Harry Potter books/movies.

Finished Twilight

My only complaint:

Why did they spend a third of the movie telegraphing that the Native American dudes were werewolves only to never deliver on that promise?

It's like if J.K. Rowling named a character Professor Lupin and then didn't make him howl at the moon!

Other than that I don't get at all why people make fun of this movie. It's not great, but it's fun and does what it sets out to do.

Beyond that, Bella's clear desire to get laid and not being able to is seriously hot in a "teasing" kind of way. I'm not sure if they can keep that up for several movies, but for this one film it works - mostly because she's a much better actress than people give her credit for.

Oh Nikki What A Pity You Don't Understand

In the comments on this interesting Jezebel entry there is a comment thread that sparked my interest.

In essence the girl writes that she got backstage at a rock concert and ended up fucking an unnamed famous rock star. After they were done he wanted to take nudie pictures of her.

She said "no" and the dude was surprised she refused. She said this made her feel dirty and violated because she realized that he must have been with many other girls and that most of them had probably said "yes" even though they didn't really want him to take naked pictures of them.

She writes: "I've personally made my peace with my experience, but I still worry about the women he's possibly taken advantage of since then. I think of him as a predator now."

Well, if she feels that way, I wonder how the girls who used to go backstage at Motley Crue concerts felt. After all Nikki Sixx used to make girls pee in a giant kitty litter box before he'd "allow" them to suck his cock and Vince Neil used to jerk off into a girl's hand and then make her feed the cum to one of her friends before he'd fuck either of them.

I always assumed that this shit just happens. Like, if you go back stage to fuck a rock star, don't most women know what they are getting themselves into?

Of course, I'm often wrong, so let's do a poll!

Poll #1571411 Groupie Sex

Rock Stars Making Girls Do Stupid/Digusting Sexual Things Is

An abuse of their position in society
Pretty close to rape if the girl wouldn't do it normally
Neutral. The girl can always say "fuck off."
To be expected.
Fine. Why do you think they became rock stars in the first place?
Hot. Take advantage of me baby!
Fine, because there is a natural dom/sub mechanic to the groupie/rock star experience.
Other which you will explain in the comments.

The Least Blind Gossip Item In The History Of Blind Gossip Items

Why even bother making this a blind item?

"This couple is expecting. No secret there. What is a secret, however, is what was happening behind closed doors before the baby was announced.

Things had been rocky in this couple’s marriage for the past few years. The more she pushed her agenda on him, the more unhappy he became. After a particularly rough patch, Husband decided that he was going to do three things: get out of the marriage; tell the truth about what had been going on for the past few years; and come out of the closet.

Wife was desperate to keep any of those three things from happening. She decided to do something quite devious and drastic. The couple had stored up some fertilized eggs earlier in their marriage. (You didn’t think they conceived naturally, did you?) So she went behind his back and had some of the remaining fertilized eggs implanted, hoping that one would take. It did.

To say that the husband was shocked and absolutely furious with her for doing this behind his back would be an understatement. He does not want this baby. His plan right now is that, if she loses the baby, he will wait a couple of months and then bolt so he doesn’t look like the bad guy. However, if the baby is born, he knows that his primary role will be that of playing the proud and happy father. After all, he is an actor. So until the baby issue is resolved… back in the closet he goes."

Imperial Bedrooms

Brett Easton Ellis has released the first five pages of Imperial Bedrooms the Less Than Zero sequel.

They are pretty brutal and he savages the film version of Less Than Zero. We also get to find out Rip and Julian and Blair's last names!!!!