May 26th, 2010


As many of you know Lohan has been ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet.

What this is is a device that measures alcohol levels in your sweat and, in theory, if you drink a beer it sets off an alarm to the cops who then come and arrest your ass for violating probation.

Because I'm a curious dude, I did some Google research on SCRAM bracelets and, like whoa, are there some civil liberties problems with this thing.

For one, depending on the weather and your level of physical activity it can take up to 90 minutes for your body to sweat out the booze from a beer and set the thing off.

And, like all machines, it's not perfect and can sometimes send out a false signal (usually if you accidentally bang it against something.)

Now, think about that. Sure, if it sets off an alarm and the cops come by and you are staggering around then they can and should be able to bust you for violating your probation.

But, what if you are acting normally and swear you didn't have a drink? Figure that it's taken 90 minutes for the thing to get set off and then add at least a half hour for cops to get to you in LA because of traffic and there isn't going to be any booze left in your blood stream.

What the hell would the cops do? They'd probably have to bust you, but there would be absolutely no way to prove your guilt or innocence.

Plus, the things can't differentiate between different types of alcohol and can get set off by nail polish remover and, really, anything containing Isopropyl alcohol and most household cleaning products.

I wonder how many people have been sent to prison on parole violations because they decided to clean their toilet or do their nails?

Rock On Black Candy Store

Black Candy Store is about to do their first UK tour - and they just got their first English language album review.

It will make you want to buy the album now before all the other cool kids have it.

Oh, and I found out last night that they might be opening for Stone Temple Pilots in Paris.

For the link phobic here's what the critic had to say:

"Black Candy Store – Back To The Wall CD (7Hard/Cargo)
Where? How? What?!? Black Candy Store is AMAZING. Amazing. Period. ‘Back To The Wall’ is INCREDIBLE. Seriously. Fantastic. Wow…. If you are old enough to remember the time when Soundgarden were pure, when Stone Temple Pilots was that new band that no one out in the big bad world had heard of yet but you and your buddy liked a lot after seeing the video on late-night MTV, when Pearl Jam made ROCK albums with ROCK VOCALS, when I Mother Earth was making all of Canada (and this odd non-Canadian) shudder with joy, when Catherine Wheel showed up and proved that the Brits could do it just as well as the dudes from Seattle, you owe it to yourself to find this record. Now. The crazy thing here is that Black Candy Store are a bunch of kids! The crazier thing here is that Black Candy Store are from a small town in France! Don’t misunderstand: I’m fully down with the kids and down with the French, and no mistake; but I’ve never before heard anything like this from such a young group or from a French band. Man, if Weiland hears this he’s gonna be pissed, because this cat Arno is pulling off Weiland-isms (in his own, unique style) that Weiland hasn’t been able to come close to in years. Years! You’ve got to hear it to believe it."