May 25th, 2010

"Shut It Down"

"I am the judge and the jury."

--Jack Bauer.

Now, that's the way you end a television series! You tie up loose ends and show us the consequences of the protagonists actions over the past eight season.

Jack finally has to deal with what he's done over the years and so does everyone else. The moments between Jack and Chloe - all of them, not just the obvious one - are phenomenal.

I love how Jack ends up in exactly the opposite situation at the end of this season as he was in Season One. That, to me, shows a deep awareness of and respect for the viewers on the part of the writing staff.

This is a show that stayed true to itself all these years - and slowly, year by year, proved that it was not advocating torture. If anything the entire eight seasons are precisely about how torture doesn't work and in many ways ends up hurting the torturers just as much as the tortured.

Violence begats violence is the real theme of 24 and the real conflict of 24 is "Which is more important, loyalty to your core values, loyalty to your country or loyalty to your friends and loved ones? And, what do you do when all three loyalties are in conflict."

In the end Jack and Chloe both did exactly what they had to do and their actions are as true to those characters as possible.

I feel sad for both of them, but they made their choices years ago and this is the only logical result of those choices.

Goodbye, Jack.