May 22nd, 2010

Death Be Not Proud

Poll #1567654 Death Be Not Proud

As We Count Down To What Looks LIke The Worst Series Ending Ever, What Has Been The Worst Up Until Now?

Battlestar Galatica
Arrested Development
West Wing
Other - That You Will Explain

Sasha Grey Anal

I'm not usually a huge fan of video porn (I prefer pictures and stories) or of anal sex scenes - but there is something about this clip of Sasha Grey taking it up the ass that turns my crank.

I think it's because there is much more of a sense of "this is how people really react during sex" with Sasha's scenes than with most video porn.

More Proof George Lucas Is Insane

The really troubling thing about this interview with Harrison Ford is that he mentions that Richard Dreyfus auditioned for the original Star Wars.

He doesn't say what part Dreyfus was auditioning for. I can't think of ANY character he would have been even close to right for.

Can you imagine him saying "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?" or "These are not the droids you are looking for?" or "We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life."

Random Political Rants

The Tea Party people should be forced to listen to "Won't Get Fooled Again" until they completely understand what Pete was getting at.

So should the former Obama Zombies who are now turning on him because he's the centrist he always claimed to be and not the revolutionary force of change they thought he was - particularly since they only thought he was super duper left wing because he's black. Dude told you during the primaries he thought gay marriage and all that other shit was a bad idea.

I'm glad Rand Paul got the nomination. Here's the thing. Many people claim the Tea Party people are racist nutjobs. The Tea Party people claim they are not. Now we get to put it to the test. If they rally behind Paul - who is clearly and demonstrably a racist nutjob - then we have our answer. If they back away from him and really support candidates who want to "take back freedom" we have the other answer.

Oh, and the Republicans are insane for embracing the Libertarian side of the Tea Party. The Libertarians don't like either the Democrats or the Republicans and always fuck whoever gets into bed with them.

A while back the left wing of the Democratic party tried this dance because of the Librarian views on weed and gay marriage. Now the GOP is doing it because of their stance on guns and taxes. In both cases the major parties have not realized that the Libertarians don't agree with 90 percent of either party's platform and are not your real friends. Plus, the Libertarians are smarter than you and have their own weird agenda.

Also, it's been months since Health Care passed and I still haven't read about gulags or death panels or really any case where anyone has been fucked over by it. Will someone in the media mention that at some point?

Also, I'm fucking tired of the endless debates between the three currently available social economic models. All three - Randian Capitalism, Managed Captialism (what we are currently using) and Socialism/Communism - were created during a time when economic growth was fueled by industrial manufacturing. It isn't anymore. Now it's created by service and information - a situation that could not have been foreseen when these economic models were created.

Instead of arguing over them, since it's clear managed capitalism and socialism don't work and I suspect Rand style capitalism would also be problematic in the new economy, why don't we try to come up with social economic model that, you know, reflects modern reality instead of arguing over systems developed roughly 100 years ago.

Finally, David Cameron, please free Adam Ant.