May 19th, 2010


This show is doing in its last episodes what we wanted Lost to do in its last episodes.

Seriously, the people who gave up on 24 around Season 4 when it seemed to be losing its way made a mistake because this show is bringing it all back home - and in a way that implies the writers knew what they were doing all along.

Beyond that, they are doing so with an artistry I've rarely seen on television.

Last week, they let us see the most brutal part of Jack up front and personal and bloody and awful. This week, they intentionally denied us seeing anything of the brutality he was a part of, because they knew that once they showed us Jack at his worst last week there was no point in doing it again this week.

There is a real beauty to the way they are ending this show. It's not pretty - but it is true to itself - and it's true to the people who initially loved the show but gave up over the "torture" issues or over the "new people all the time" issues.

We now know why they did that - and holy fuck is it being handled well, although in as brutal a fashion as possible.


So, the electorate last night essentially decided that they wanted to vote for the insane instead of the sane in the primaries.

I should have run.

Cat Stress

Squirt still won't use her back leg and still acts as if nothing is wrong, so I've finally found a new vet I can get to without a car.

I'll be taking her there at 5 p.m. Need to buy a cat carrier first and pray I don't get lost trying to find the place.

I am so fucking nervous that this is going to end up being a major health problem of some sort. It is so fucking weird because she doesn't seem to be in any pain or mind at all that she's not using her leg.

Still no swelling or anything and she still jumps up onto everything she can including the television which is fairly high up.

So fucking strange.

And I'm so fucking nervous about this vet visit I can't even begin to articulate it. I'm not sure why but it's hitting my panic buttons big time. I'm trying really hard to not take an extra xanax, but fuck, for some reason I am just fucking filled with fear.

Afraid To Merge On The Freeways In Los Angeles

So, Brett Easton Ellis gets quoted saying he doesn't think women can direct movies because they lack "the male gaze."

Then, Jezebel gets all bent out of shape because they are shocked that an alcoholic gay man who writes books where the female characters exist simply to be raped, tortured and murdered might not be totally in touch with feminist politics.

Look, ladies, some gay dudes simply don't like women and don't have that much contact with them, and are going to think everything is about the male perspective.

Also, remember, there is a huge chance he's just being full of shit. After all this is the guy who once wrote:

"As a writer you slant all evidence in favor of the conclusions you want to produce and you rarely tilt in favor of the truth..... This is what a writer does: his life is a maelstrom of lying. Embellishment is his focal point. This is what we do to please others. This is what we do in order to flee ourselves. A writer's physical life is basically one of stasis, and to combat this constraint, an opposite world and another self have to be constructed daily... the half world of a writer's life encourages pain and drama, and defeat is good for art: if it was day we made it night, if it was love we made it hate, serenity becomes chaos, kindness became viciousness. God became the devil, a daugher became a whore... lying often leaked from my writing life."

Pet Technology

Went down to the pet store to buy a device that will allow me to transport Squirt to the vet.

There were all kinds of pet carriers, segregated into ones marked as being for dogs and ones marked as being for cats. The ones of the right size were 15 euros for the dog model and 18 euros for the cat model.

I asked the dude what the difference was.

And the thing is the dog ones are the traditional ones I've always used with the "entrance" that has to be put and locked back into place once the animal is inside. He said that for dogs this was fine since they will generally stay put if you tell them to.

The cat model, instead, has a high tech swinging hinge that can be closed and locked with one hand in less than a second so that the cat can't attack you and escape.

Roughly translated he said "It's to make sure you don't have to go to the hospital before taking your cat to the vet."

Obviously I spent the extra three euros for the cat model.


Some progress finally, except that the main bit of progress was something that everyone who has been watching the show has been predicting for months.

Also, I do not give a shit about anything in sideways world.

Squirt Update

Torn ligament. He said she'll be walking normally in seven to 10 days.

The vet actually mimed out "twisted her ankle."

He gave her an anti-inflammatory and told to try to discourage her from jumping and being active as much as possible. To help with this he gave me some kitty dope that he said will kill some of the pain and make her lazy.

I'm trying to imagine Squirt more lazy than she already is and it's blowing my little mind.

I'm also not looking forward to trying to get her to drink the liquid kitty dope.