May 18th, 2010

Lohan About To Become The New Roman Polanski

So, Lohan is supposed to appear in court on Thursday to prove that she hasn't violated her probation by drinking or doing drugs.

But, she's in France at the Cannes film festival and has no intention of showing up in court in Los Angeles.

When she blows off the court appearance a warrant will be issued for her arrest and she'll be sent to jail if she leaves France and returns to America.

Which - of course - means she's going to have to settle in France and she'll come to Montpellier and I'll introduce her to all the cool lesbians and Lohan and I will spend our afternoons scoping girls together.


Rome Girl just sent me a link to this interview between Mick Jagger and Larry King.

What I responded to Rome Girl was this:

"You know, when I was like 27 and working for Gannett and the Bridges To Babylon Tour happened and the Stones people asked me which of the four I wanted to interview and I selected Keith, my editor told me I was making a mistake because he thought Mick would be a better interview.

Having seen this interview, I think I made the right choice.

Mick is a great front man. He's great at writing lyrics. But, he's a really boring human being.

On the other hand, spending time talking with Keith about Howling Wolf and downing high end whiskey was very, very fun."