May 17th, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I kind of want to go the second day of this festival

The problem is that while there are several bands I really want to see, the vast majority of it is composed of the dregs of the metal scene.

Do I really want to have to sit through Twisted Sister, RATT and Carcass just to see Slash, Anvil, Jello Biafra and Agnostic Front?

I do like that the name of Jello's new band is "Guantanamo School Of Medicine."

Also, on what planet does Twisted Sister get higher billing than Slash?


Cat still hobbling around, but doesn't seem bothered by it at all and the hobbling stops when she wants to jump up on things/chase flies, etc...

Since she hates the vet and I don't want her to have to deal with freaking out over going to the vet I think I'm going to give her another day or two to see what happens.

The thing is she is acting totally normally and doesn't even flinch or get upset when I try to examine the leg that she doesn't feel like using.

In general she sorta moves herself around on three legs with the fourth leg hovering just above the ground.

She's willing to sit up in a way that clearly puts pressure on that leg and she's willing to use that leg to jump up onto the television and launch herself at the wall to get at flies.

So, it's really puzzling me.

If she was bitching or showing any sign of being upset at all I'd have her there this afternoon, but she's not.

Update: Vet not answering phone. Walked down to his office and it looks like he may have gone out of business. Now I have to worry about finding another vet in town (I don't have a car) and hope whomever I find is decent and nice. Of course, with my luck I'll spend two days tracking down a vet and by that time her leg will have healed.

That cat, meanwhile, still doesn't give a shit.

It's only frustrating to me!

The Rudest Man Ever

Yesterday was the first sunny afternoon in a while so I decided to go find a cafe to read a book in. But, it was also really windy which meant there was exactly one cafe that was situated in such a way that there was sunlight on all the tables and the surrounding buildings blocked the wind.

Naturally all the tables were full so I stood around and smoked a couple cigs until a couple left a table and then went and sat down.

A few seconds later an elderly French man walked over and asked if he could share the table with me because he really wanted to sit in the sun but his legs were hurting so he didn't want to keep standing until a table became free.

I said "no problem."

The waiter then came up and we each ordered a beer. After the beers arrived and we paid for them I toasted with him to be polite. He then asked me if I was from Britain. I told him I was from the U.S.

He then replied, in French, "I hate the British and Americans" and turned away from me.

What the fuck dude?

Next time you can fucking stand.