May 12th, 2010

Good Luck

Today roughly 15,000 people are going to attempt to do a flash mob cocktail party in the middle of Montpellier.

In other words they are going to bring their own booze, crowd a public square and start getting drunk. They don't have a permit for the event which they are publicizing on Facebook.

Yeah, that won't attract the attention of the cops.

Not at all.

The only question is how much tear gas les flics will use.


Didn't suck as much as usual.

And it was almost a Jack free episode!

And was completely Kate free!

And actually referenced something from the early seasons.

And didn't waste time with sidewaysland bullshit.



Whenever I start to watch SVU my cat jumps into my lap.

Because of this - in my head - I now refer to the show as Law & Order: Stupid Kitten Unit.