May 11th, 2010


Gordon Brown saying "I'll resign" and then adding "by September" is really disingenuous when you consider that there could easily be another election by then.

That said - why does anyone want to win this election? Whomever become Prime Minister is going to have to do a bunch of really unpopular shit without much, if any, of a mandate.

That's a prescription for disaster.

Get On With The Fascination

I was talking to my shrink yesterday about the concept of alienation we got got to talking about how many people are going to see The Wall, which, of course, is the ultimate story of alienation.

I mentioned how many, many people must identify, at some level with Pink, which means you'll have 60,000 alienated feeling people all coming together to scream "tear down the wall."

"What do you think that means,' she asked.

"I think," I said, "it means that human beings are naturally social creatures, but that we suck at it."

"You may be onto something," she said.



That was the most explicit violence/torture I've ever seen on network television.

I do love it, however, whenever Jack goes into psychopath mode and the look on his face when he gets the SIM card to work is priceless.

Edit: I will say this is the first time the torture on 24 has bothered me. I think it's because it's the first time he wasn't torturing people to save the world, he was torturing someone just because he's become a fucked up nut job.

I know in the real world torture doesn't work, but at least in the land of 24 it was always justified when Jack would get some information that would potentially save millions of people.

When he's using about eight different torture implements essentially for fun it evokes a different emotional reaction - at least for me.

Edit #2: Before someone else says it - yes I know the torture scene is a homage to Reservoir Dogs.