May 6th, 2010

You Must Watch The Trailer For Machete

For several reasons.

1. Robert Rodriguez has designed the trailer as a personal "fuck you" to the state of Arizona.

2. It features Lohan as a homicidal nun.

3. The line: "We didn't cross the border - the border crossed us."

4. Robert DiNero as a right wing anti-immigration politician.

5. Cheech Marin as a Mexican priest willing to help Machete murder white Americans.

6. The tagline: "America fucked with the wrong Mexican."

Total Fail.

So, a woman asks Christie's to auction off a Da Vinci that has a rough value of $150 million.

The auction house then screws up and labels it "19th century German work".

It then sells for about 11,000 pounds.

She's suing.

Can you imagine being the person at Christe's who fucked this up?