May 5th, 2010


For some reason I woke up with The Flintstones theme song stuck in my head. This makes no sense because I have neither watched nor thought about The Flintstones in years.

It also has me wondering about these lines: "Someday maybe Fred will win the fight. Then, that cat will stay out for the night."

Was there ever an episode where Fred and Wilma fought about the cat? I don't remember one, but I could be wrong. If anything I'm pretty sure that whether or not the cat was allowed in the house was not a running joke, so why is it given such prominence in the song?

And, why would Fred care that much. They had a pet dinosaur. How annoying could the cat be at night?

Dear Germany

You know, as a dude who lives in Europe but gets paid in dollars I'm sorta glad that you think that the people of Southern Europe are lazy assholes who don't deserve to have their economies helped out by you "virtuous" Germans.

This is slowly killing the Euro, making everything I buy here much, much cheaper than it used to be.

But, as a human being, I think you are being a total cunt. Look, you owe a huge fucking historical debt to Europe that you've never really paid off. You killed millions of people, started a war that led to much of Europe being bombed to shit and then afterward got bailed out by the Marshall Plan.

Fuck, by all moral rights we could have turned your land into Israel after WWII. Instead we allowed you to become the richest country in Europe.

So, you know what, suck it up and bail out Greece and Portugal and Spain and consider it part of the reparations nobody ever forced you to make when they most certainly could have.



Deep Thoughts

Democrats are in favor of gay marriage but whenever they get caught in a sex scandal it's almost always with a member of the opposite sex.

Republicans are against gay marriage but whenever they get caught in a sex scandal it's almost always with a member of the same sex.


I think it just means republicans are afraid of commitment.