May 1st, 2010


If Obama was really dumb enough to get himself caught on hotel video tape with a 35 year old campaign aide we are all fucked.


The Jezebel readership often mystifies me.

Here's the deal - the entire staff of Jezabel are young white heterosexual skinny girls who live in New York City. This is no huge secret. Their pictures are easy to find on the site.

So a bunch of readers wrote in and said "Hey, can you give us advice on what to wear on a first date?"

At which point one of the writers, Sadie, did so.

Then, dozens and dozens of readers started yelling at her for making suggestions that are only appropriate for white straight thin cis girls in urban areas.

What the fuck did they expect?

If you want fashion advice for chubby gay transgendered black girls there are places other than Jezebel to go for that. And if you ask a girl for random clothing advice, duh, she's going to tell you the kind of stuff she would wear - and if she's a straight femmy white girl in New York City that's the type of clothes you are going to get!