April 28th, 2010

Writer's Block: Cheating with a side of bacon

Have you ever changed your eating habits for a new relationship (e.g., switched to vegetarianism, eaten more meat, etc.)? If yes, did you stick with it when you were eating out with other friends? Which lasted longer, the food regimen or the relationship?

God, how much of a co-dependent loser do you have to be to even ask this question?

We Don't Need No Education

I love it when teachers look for people on Elance that they can pay to grade their students' papers - particularly when they ask you to check to make sure that the students have done their own work and not plagiarized.


Remember, not only do I get to trash them, Twain then has to defend them. Take that into account when making your choice.

Poll #1557334 Bad Music

Who Should I Piss On In The Next Bad Music Blog Post?

Robbie Williams
The Beatles
Spice Girls
Eric Clapton

Calling All Perves

Miss Information needs new questions - particularly dirty and perverted ones.

Hit her up at erin@nerve.com

My only request is that none of your questions involve information found by hacking your partner's Facebook/Cell Phone/Email Account/Diary/Whatever because I've read variations of that question answered on every fucking relationship advice site in the world and the response always is: "Hey, fuckwit, everyone talks about inappropriate shit that will upset you sometimes, so don't fucking snoop, asshole."

Plea For Porn!

Rome Girl is off to Rome again and, as usual, it's my regular plea for reader generated porn.

I just saw one of the most beautiful naked reader pictures ever, but you are all beautiful and all pictures are deeply appreciated.