April 24th, 2010

Lost - My Predictions

We'll have to refer back to this next month to see how many - if any - I got right.

1 Some sort of fight to the "death" between Jack and Zombie Locke.

2. Jack becomes the new "good" guardian of the island and Sayid becomes the "evil" guardian.

3. Last shot of the show - Jack and Sayid sitting on the beach while a cruise ship that is clearly going to contain new island visitors approaches and crashes on the island.

4. Sawyer kills the evil submarine dudes.

5. Desmond drives the sub to take all the survivors back to the real world.

6. Sawyer somehow dies saving either Kate or Hurley or both.

7. On the way back to the real world, somehow all their memories get erased and they become the people in the sideways plot.

8. No explanation of the numbers will be provided.

9. Claire dies while trying to kill Z-Locke.

10. In some weird improbable twist Sawyer and Kate get married in sideways world. This is possible because Sawyer only died in Island time.

11. For two days after the series finale all you'll be able to read online is how much the episode sucked and how angry people are. Then, you'll never hear Lost mentioned online again.

Final Fantasy XIII

So, after 33 missions on Chapter 11 I decided it was time to get back into the narrative again.

This decision was helped by the fact the the Mission 33 boss was a fucking giant dinosaur which made me not want to think about what kind of hell beast Mission 34 and onward will bring me.

But, shit, after three weeks of grinding and farming when you get back into the narrative it's fucking jarring to suddenly have to deal with cut scenes every five minutes again (to say nothing of the fact that I could give a shit about the story, I just want to fight and find cool items.)

I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be used to it again, but for the moment it's just weird.