April 22nd, 2010


The show is just killing time at this point and the sideways things are just padding to make each episode actually be 41 minutes.

This means that the writers have no fucking clue how to end the thing, or the ending is so fucking simple they couldn't figure out how to turn it into an entire season, so they decided to simply have nothing substantial happen until the last episode.

Also, Kate needs to just stop doing anything. Anything she does no matter how well intentioned just makes life harder for everyone and/or puts people's lives pointlessly in danger.

Deep Thoughts

In you are in France and you are in a straight bar where a rugby match is on, five naked 16 year old girls could come into the bar and start eating each other out while offering any dude there anal sex and the patrons would be so absorbed with watching sweaty men play with balls that they wouldn't notice.

If you are in a France and in a gay bar you'd get the same reaction, except there would be Lady Gaga instead of rugby on the TV.

Odd Gamer Situation

I've been in Chapter 11 of Final Fantasy XIII for three weeks now.

This isn't because I lack the skills to move on to Chapter 12. In fact, I've beaten the boss that would allow me to enter Chapter 12 any time I want. It's just that I'm having so much fun grinding and going on weird side missions that I really don't give a shit about advancing the story at all.

It's still a heck of a game and has the best battle system of any Final Fantasy I've ever played. It's just the first one where I could really care less about the cut scenes or whether or not they save Cocoon, destroy Grand Pulse or whatever the fuck you'd end up doing in Chapter 12 and Chapter 13.

Poll For The Dudes

Because too many of my polls are for babes. Obviously bi and lesbian girls can respond as well.

Poll #1554578 Which Would You Rather?

Which Would You Rather?

Bang Bristol Palin Doggy Style While She Screams "Drill, Baby, Drill!"
Eat Out Jenna Bush Until She Cums And Then Scream "Mission Accomplished!"