April 20th, 2010

Writer's Block: Question everything.

Do you often feel that random people ask you a lot of questions? Has anyone ever tried to ask you a lot of questions all at once? When people ask you a lot of questions all at once, do you ignore some of the questions? In those cases where someone asks you a load of questions, do you consider all the questions as one question, or maybe think of them as individual questions? After a lot of questions, if someone asks you to explain your answer, does that count as another question? Explain your answer.

Bite me.

Do Gay Men Like Tits?

There was a discussion on Gawker today about gay dudes and boobs. It relates to a story where a girl is suing a television station because the straight dudes there talked about her boobs all the time. The straight guys are responding that this is ridiculous because she'd talk to the gay guys there all the time about her boobs. She then responded in court that that was fine because gay guys aren't interested in boobs in a sexual way at all.

Of course, we then started debating whether or not gay guys like boobs. I kinda think they do like tits and it's just the vadge that creeps them out. But, the only real way to find out is to ask the ladies their experiences with Their Gays And Their Boobs.

Here we go.

Poll #1553538 Gay Boobies

Ladies, Are Gay Guys Interested In Your Boobs?

Yes. I Catch Them Checking Them Out
They Do Seem To Accidently Touch Them From Time To Time
All Guys, Straight Or Gay Like Boobies
No. They Are Gay .They Could Care Less
Sometimes. But Most Of The Time Not