April 15th, 2010

Worst Idea Ever

A new company in Switzerland is offering an "interesting" service.

The deal is that parents can pay them to have an "evil clown" stalk their children for a week before their birthday. He will send them threatening text messages, make prank phone calls to their phone, put scary notes in letterboxes and follow them around.

His goal is to finally catch them and smash them in the face with a cake. If the kid manages to make it to his birthday without getting caught by the clown, then he get the cake as an extra birthday present.

The owner of the company says: "most kids absolutely love being scared senseless."

Ok. On what planet is this not child abuse? If nothing else it's training children to accept being stalked and harassed as a good thing. What kind of parent would actually buy this service? How many fucking years of therapy is that kid going to go through?

Fuck, can you imagine being like eight years old and having to constantly look over your shoulder and deal with crank phone calls and threatening text messages for a week - and then find out your parents were behind it?





The Blond Lesbian is supposed to fly here from the UK tomorrow.

But at the moment all flights from the UK have been canceled due to a fucking volcano!