April 14th, 2010


It's almost like being canceled reminded them of what makes the show great (not unlike how Jack whenever he's almost killed becomes more bad ass.)

I highly endorse who they picked to suddenly run CTU and I love, love, love, love that they brought back THAT other character to help the president.

This could only get better if they find a way to resurrect Nina Meyers.

Deep Thoughts

In honor of Roger Waters touring The Wall again I think I want to change my company slogan from "Calendar Communications - Let It Be Written, Let It Be Done" to "Calendar Communications - If I Had My Way, I'd Have All Of You Shot."

Britney Unretouched

Britney Spears recently did a photoshoot for a Candie's ad.

When she saw the results she got pissed off - because she'd see the original photos and realized that they had done a lot of a Photoshop work on them. So, she decided to release the original pictures:

"(I want to) "to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect," Spears said.

Personally, I think she looks better in the original photos and like some weird stick figure person in the photoshopped versions.

What do you think?



(no subject)

The Tea Party is hosting a massive rally in Boston this weekend.

Given that most of the people who read me are atheist bisexual freedom hating sluts from Kenya, how should we deal with them?

(Yes, I now realize I misspelled "Constitution." But, in the context of a Tea Party story, that's somewhat appropriate.)

Poll #1550997 Tea Party

How Would You Deal With The People At The Tea Party Rally?

Hugs. Lots And Lots Of Hugs
Re-Education Camps
Requiring That They Actually Read The Constition
An Explanation Of What "No Taxation Without Representation" Really Meant
All Gay Orgy Counter Protest
Free Drinks For All Residents Born In Kenya
Tear Gas
Ask Them If You Can Give Them Some Religious Literature
Join Them - I Don't Hate Freedom!
Sell Them Bottled Water Spiked With Hallucinogenic Tryptamines
Take Names - Then Revoke Their Medicare
Offer Them A Coke And A Smile
Scare Them Off With Photos Of Janet Jackson's Nipples