April 6th, 2010

Kissed And Cuddled A Young Girl In 1990

Now, I'm not saying there is a direct connection here, but I want to know why Glenn Beck won't answer the question of why all these earthquakes started happening right when his show suddenly became very popular. I mean, if these earthquakes are not a sign that the wrath of god wants to punish mankind for watching Glenn Beck why won't he just say so?

Not An Exit

The first review of Imperial Bedrooms is online.

Best of all they've announced that Andrew McCarthy is doing the audio book.

It's a short review:

"Ellis explores what disillusioned youth looks like 25 years later in this brutal sequel to Less Than Zero. Clay, now a screenwriter, returns at Christmas to an L.A. that looks and operates much as it did 25 years ago. Trent is now a producer and married to Clay's ex, Blair, while Julian runs an escort service and Rip, Clay's old dealer, has had so much plastic surgery he's unrecognizable. While casting a script he's written, Clay falls for a young, untalented actress named Rain Turner, and his obsession and affair with her powers him through an alcoholic haze that swirls with images of death, mysterious text messages, and cars lurking outside his apartment. The story takes on a creepy noirish bent—with Clay as the frightened detective who doesn't really want to know anything—as it barrels toward a conclusion that reveals the horror that lies at the center of a tortured soul. Ellis fans will delight in the characters and Ellis's easy hand in manipulating their fates, and though the novel's synchronicity with Zero is sublime, this also works as a stellar stand-alone."




I've been broke for the past few days because of a combination of bank holidays, a rogue client who is putting off paying Rome Girl and my big client who is always late on paying, but pays me so much it's usually not a big deal.

So, instead of my usual going out I stayed home Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then, Monday one of my friends called me up and said "Are you sick?" and I was like "No, I'm just an asshole who forgot about Easter bank holidays and fucked up my budget."

He was like "Get your ass down here, I own the bar. Have a few drinks, pay me whenever you get paid. Nobody cares if you are broke or not, we just miss you."

I went down and it turns out his girlfriend had a present for me - that' she'd been hauling to the bar every night for the past four nights. The deal is that a few months ago I mentioned in passing that I like Ouzo. She's Greek and when she went home to visit her family she got a tiny bottle of Ouzo to surprise me with.

I was very touched and when I was in Madrid a couple weeks ago I remembered that she had mentioned at one point that she likes Spanish wine, so I picked her up a bottle and surprised her with it when I came back.

Turns out she was so touched by this that she called her father up and had him mail her a giant bottle of his favorite Ouzo, which she then gifted me with.

Anyway, I was telling my shrink about this this afternoon while also talking the new Bret Easton Ellis book coming out and she asked me how I felt this weekend and I told her that I felt completely neutral all weekend, neither up for down, that my libido completely disappeared and I wasn't even interested in porn. And, for some reason I forgot to shower for three days.

Then she asked me if was the same several years ago when I was just divorced and single and always broke and I explained that no it was completely different that back then I used to get hyper sexual and almost manic and my sexuality was really fucked up and I'd stay home and masturbate nine times a day about humiliating things that I'd never think about jerking off to today.

She said this shows that I've made a lot of progress and asked me if I still felt like I was in a neutral void and I said that I didn't that once I got back to the bar last night I started feeling really good about life again and happy with the world and interested in girls and just "on track."

Then, she made an interesting Brett Easton Ellis joke: "You've gotten better at impersonating yourself again."

More Shrink Stuff

I was also talking to my shrink about Brett Easton Ellis stuff in general and mentioned that sometimes people are surprised I like his books so much because so many of his characters are very much like me and not presented very sympathetically.

All I could say is that whether they are heroes or anti-heroes it's nice to, for once, in literature see a world and characters I recognize and understand rather then the weird alternate worlds that I can't relate to at all that appear in most fiction.

"The thing is," I said to her. "is that you have to realize who you are and realize you can't change who you are. It doesn't matter if you go to a shrink, drink a lot, do drugs or fuck everything that moves. It doesn't matter if you move to Thailand and become monk. You are still stuck with who you are so you might as well enjoy it. It's the only "you" that you'll ever know. All the other stuff, the shrinks, the booze, whatever is just a way to figure out the best ways to have fun with who you are and how to help the person you are relate to the world or block out the world or whatever. But, don't kid yourself that you can change yourself. You can't. An asshole gets on a plane in New York and an asshole gets off a plane in Los Angeles. That's the only lesson life has to offer."

She then took a lot of notes.