April 1st, 2010

Possible Trainwreck

(AP) -- Film producer George Lucas and British novelist J.K. Rowling announced yesterday that they plan on creating a series of books and movies combining their hugely popular Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises.

All of the movies will be shot in state of the art 3D under the supervision of Avatar director James Cameron and will be released simultaneously with the new novels.

"What we've realized," Lucas said in a prepared statement, "Is that with stories like these some people prefer to experience novelizations, while others gain a greater appreciation for the work when it is on the big screen. This way we give them the choice of watching the film, reading the stories or both."

Rowling commented that she had always been a fan of the Star Wars movies and looked forward to the collaboration.

"In many ways Harry's story was inspired by Star Wars," she noted. "If you follow the plots of my original stories you will see that there are many similarities I included as a homage to Luke Skywalker's original journey."

The first film/book combination will involve a collaboration between The Sith and Deatheaters, who each plan to help cement the power of "darkness" in the other's universe.

"The good wizards of the Harry Potter world will not be prepared for the Dark Side of the Force to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic," Lucas said, "while the newly reconstructed Jedi will have to, for the first time, deal with the threat of real magic. This will present new and interesting challenges for both sides."

Rowling refused to discuss whether or not some variation of Voldemort or Tom Riddle would make an appearance in the books, but noted that in a universe with cloning technology "anything is possible."

Lucas on the other hand firmly insisted that there will not be any representation of Darth Vadar.

"I think that Ananakin's story has been fully told," Lucas said, "and I feel that people have moved beyond my sweeping tale of his tragic fate. It's time to embrace the next generation. Remember his bloodline will live on through the Solo and Skywalker families as the Jedi begin their ascent back into power."

No immediate release date was discussed at the press conference.

Things We Learned This Week


That was the most useless episode ever.


At least 24 is finally getting better.

So far, though, this season Caprica is the only thing that's been consistently good.

Blind Item April Fools?

I think this blind item has to be an April Fool's Day joke:

"BlindGossip – We knew that there was trouble in this couple’s relationship, but we didn’t realize how big a role two outside parties have played in the drama. The couple – who we’ll call Actor A and Actress A – are two of the biggest movie stars in the world. Actor A is in a pit of despair over his crumbling relationship with Actress A. However, instead of keeping his feeling buttoned up, he has found solace in the arms of Actor B, whose own relationship has been up in the air. The two men plan on running away together sooney rather than later. Meanwhile, pillow-lipped Actress A has been having a hot and heavy sapphic relationship with big-chinned Actress B… who just happens to be Actor A’s ex-wife. We didn’t even know that Actress A and Actress B were friends. They sure had us fooled."

Here's why:

"pit of despair" and "up in the air."

Ok, I'm fully willing to believe Brad Pitt is fucking Clooney. I suspect those two dudes would fuck anything attractive if given the chance. I'm also willing to believe that Angelina would cheat on Brad with a girl. But.... I do not for one second believe that Jennifer Aniston would ever let Angelina eat her out. Plus, I've never, ever seen more obvious blind item clues in a gossip item before.

Your thoughts?

Final Fantasy XIII Chapter 10

An entire chapter about grinding.

I'd forgotten how much I liked grinding.

Final Fantasy XII annoyed me so much I never got to the grinding stage. So, five years ago with Final Fantasy X was the last time I had real grinding time.

It's very, very fun.