March 30th, 2010

Tear Gas

The reaction to to my post the other day about letting the Tea Party have Kansas (particularly after the Live Journal libertarian community linked to it ) has made me remember/realize one thing about myself:

I fucking hate protest groups of all sides - left, right, center, whatever.

This includes the 1960s anti-Vietnam protesters, the weirdos to go to the G8 to yell and scream and make a nuisance of themselves, the No Nuke people of the 70s, French workers in general, Million Man/Million Mom/Million Sam marches on Washington, the Tea Party people. Whatever.

I don't think that anyone has ever accomplished anything by being an annoying mob yelling in the street. You just make people who already support you get excited, make people who are against you hate you even more and get people who are on the fence to think you are nothing but rabble.

You accomplish things in the voting booth. You accomplish things by writing blogs, songs, letters to the editor, books, articles, etc....

Calm, rational persuasion changes minds.

Wearing funny clothes, chanting and acting like animals just makes me wish people would tear gas you.