March 28th, 2010

Deep Thoughts

The Teabaggers are now talking about Civil War.

Can't we stop this by just giving them Nebraska and some other central state that they can bid on?

Surely we are large enough to let them have a couple agricultural states where they can pay up the ying yang for medical services, unregulate their banks and experiment with Ayn Rand type personal capitalism.

Hell, once they have their own mini country if they don't want to create an income tax that would be their problem and not ours.

Europe manages to survive with mini states like Andora, surely we could deal with a bunch of gun nut anti abortion farmers doing their own thing in cornfields until they go bankrupt.

We could charge them tons of money in both import and export taxes and just wait until the IMF has to bail them out.

Save America

By getting yourself registered as a Republican.

Seriously, then vote in the fucking congressional primaries for a sane GOP candidate. Because, left to their own devices the Republicans will let the Teabaggers come out in record numbers and nominate the most insane candidates you've ever seen.

And, because it's an off year election a bunch of them will win - and we don't need Glenn Beck drones in the Rotunda.

Remember, even if you are a registered Republican you can still vote for a Democrat in the general election!

A Favor

Can someone with Photoshop and PhotoShop skills please make the fourth panel of this into an LJ Icon?

I will be your friend forever!

I'll even be your BFF!