March 26th, 2010

Personal Rant

The one thing I don't like about Europe is that people still find it socially acceptable to bitch about "The Jews."

Even otherwise liberal, educated people don't see anything wrong with it - even though Germany once tried to kill them all.

I got so fed up last night that I actually turned to a dude and said "You know what - yes, Israel does some fucked up shit and all your complaints are correct about the Israeli government. Yes, they shouldn't be fucking forcing people out of their homes. Yes, building new settlements is completely and utterly morally bankrupt. Yes, that Dubai assassination thing was bullshit. Yes, the Israeli government acts like a bunch of monsters a lot of the time. But, you know what? Most Jewish people are not part of the Israeli government. Most Jewish people just try to get drunk and check out ass like the rest of us. A lot of them probably feel like the Israeli government is a bunch of dickwads too! You don't blame every fucking Catholic for the fucking pedo priest scandal, or every Protestant for Northern Ireland bullshit. Stop talking about the Jews. Start talking about one country being run by a bunch of evil bastards."